Interfata diagnoza Nissan Consult USB – 14 pini !

Pret normal: 195RON

Pret actual : 130RON

Interfata diagnoza Nissan Consult 1 – USB !


1.Interfata diagnoza 14 pini pentru Nissan.
2.Carcasa robusta si rezistenta
3.Se conecteaza la PC prin USB
4.Se alimenteaza din portul cu 14 pini al masinii.
5.LED pentru controlul alimentarii


1.Monitorizare parametri reali
2.Citire si stergere coduri de eroareCheck and clear engine fault codes before going to an expensive auto shop
3.Adjust the timing and idle
4.Power balance testing
5.Reset the self-learn codes
6.Control idle air valves, relays (AC, fans, etc), timing
7.Diagnose customer vehicles on-site
8.Speed up troubleshooting of electronically monitored components
9.No software is supplied with this device


1.Software include
(Note that some of it is not free and need to be purchased)
DDLreader: DDLreader v.15c / DDLreader v.16c
SRTalk v.1.0
ZCSetup v.2.0
ZTalk v.1.1
Nissan Data Scan v.1.4
Nissan Data Scan v.1.51
2.Modele compatibile
Functioneaza pe toate modelele de Nissan care au mufa de 14 pini.
(1989 pana la 2000). Exemplu: 300ZX, Z32, Maxima, 240SX, S13, S14, Skyline,
SR20DE, SR20DET, RB20, Altima, Fairlady.

4.Package list

1pc x Nissan Consult interface
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x CD Drive

* Daca achizitionati acest produs , puteti opta si pt AData 2011 – 3.40 – 35 lei ; AData 2014 – 3.45 – 45 lei ; VIVID 2010 (lb. romana) 35 lei sau VIVID 2015 (lb. romana) 55 lei.


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